About 2 weeks ago I launched my new web game World of Card Games

I started working on it back in December 2011. I took a month off here and there, so it probably took about 10 months of actual full time work.

One of the toughest problems I faced was getting a hand of cards to show up nicely fanned out in an arc. You know, like you would hold them real life.

My knowledge of math is pretty limited and things like cosines and tangents are totally foreign to me.

Thus, I spent many, many days on IRC and varous websites seeking assistance and learning.

After a ton of work, I was finally able to get this demo coded correctly:

Number of Cards:13
Card Spacing:0.20
Arc Radius:400
view source code

Notice how the cards stick to the base lines, regardless of how you adjust the sliders or which direction the cards are facing (NWSE buttons at top right).

This "stay in place" concept was critical. Without that it would have been quite difficult to implement into the game.

I'd like to say I learned a lot, but that would be dishonest. I still don't really understand the mathmatical concepts in use here well enough to know when or how to apply them to future problems.

My next game will likely be WebGL based. While the game itself will be mostly 2D, I'm almost certainly going to need to learn a lot more math in order to do the things I want to do.

I am actually looking forward to it though. I've always liked math and I enjoy learning, so it should be fun.

I want to thank the folks in #math on irc.freenode.net and David Gouveia for all their help.